Advice and assurance for course selection

Every year, more than 2000 students check seven boxes that determine what their schedule will consist of in the upcoming school year. With hundreds of options and combinations available, it can be difficult to choose which classes to take. Not only can you seek guidance from the guidance counselors themselves but also from upperclassmen who have taken a variety of courses and recognize which classes have the perfect ratio between fun and work.

Personally, through three years, AP European History established itself as my favorite course because of the interesting subject material and Michael Stephenson’s teaching style.

“[My favorite is also AP Euro] because Mr. Stephenson is hilarious and very funny,” Franklin Hobbs (12) said. “I also have some friends in there who make it fun.”

With so many options, others’ favorites fall in elective categories such as art, music or journalism classes.

“Yearbook was definitely my favorite because of my interest in design, and also [David] Pentecost is one of the best teachers that I have had,” Lonnie Easterling (12) said.

Another includes marketing and Distributive Education Clubs of America (DECA) because it allows students to experience real life situations and form solutions, specifically in the financial sector.

“I took marketing, and I’m glad because it opened me to the business world. I now have an option of what I want to do in life,” Ivy Qui (11) said.

Although the endless possibilities are daunting, the stress can be minimized as long as you consider the advice of others and recognize your own personal interests.