After hours, drive-by shooting at White Station High School affects students, parents, and faculty alike

Adults, teens and children hear about shootings constantly. For the students of White Station, however, a recent shooting hit a little closer to home. Literally.

Around 9:20 pm on Tuesday, Jan. 28, a car drove down Perkins Rd in front of the senior parking lot. The car proceeded to open fire on the remaining crowd from the district basketball game against Central High School and their cars.

Not much is known or able to be revealed about the incident due to the event being placed under an ongoing investigation.

“I really cannot comment,” WSHS principal Carrye Holland said. “I will suffice to say that things like this can happen anywhere and it opens up the conversation about how we can keep people safe in public spaces.”

Safety is on everyone’s minds after the shooting. 

“The sad thing is this stuff happens in all schools,” Rachel Freeman said (comment made on Nextdoor app). “You really shouldn’t have to be scared to send your kids to school each morning.” 

While no specific measures have been announced, Holland has assured the students that their security will not be compromised.

“…It [the shooting] is being handled,” Holland said in an announcement to students and faculty on Wednesday afternoon. “It is being taken care of, and your safety is of the utmost importance, everyone on this campus.”