“1917” Movie Review


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“1917” premiered Dec. 4, 2019. Since its release, the box office has grossed $143.5 million.

I have seen countless war movies. My dad and I have a tradition of watching them since history is his forte and it’s rubbed off on me too. 

However,I have never seen anything quite like “1917,” a film about two British soldiers who must deliver a message across No Man’s Land in order to save a batallion from walking into a massacre. Since their mission is urgent, the audience follows them through every step of their journey. 

What makes “1917” so special is that it appears that to be filmed in one take. Of course it was not actually one take, as it required innumerable attempts and hours like every other movie, but its precise editing gave that illusion and made me feel like I was the third character to the two main characters, Blake and Schofield. 

Obviously I do not go see movies to marvel at its creation; I care about the plot as much as anyone else. Not only did it give me the adrenaline rush that every war movie does, but it also showed me the horrors of war, such as the maimed, left behind bodies along Blake and Schofield’s path. The artistic creativity reminded me of another World War One movie, “All Quiet on the Western Front,” in which the Great War took a toll on everyone physically and emotionally. 

Overall, the directors of “1917” did an excellent job in telling the story of life over 100 years ago. I encourage all to see it in theaters, but if I do not convince you, let the movie critics, who awarded it Golden Globe Award for Best Motion Picture – Drama, tell you otherwise.