WSHS welcomes new history teacher to faculty


Writing the day’s agenda on the white board, Kyle Tingley prepares for his classes of the day. Joining WSHS at the beginning of the second semester, Tingley teaches Duel Enrollment World History to upperclassmen students.

It’s the first day at a new school. The bell rings, and first period starts. Except, everyone else already knows each other. This is what WSHS’s new teacher Kyle Tingley experienced on his first day of teaching.
“Usually, by January, teachers are in a groove and know what works and what doesn’t work in a classroom. I’m having to do that in the middle of the year,” Tingley said.
Coach White’s last day of teaching at WSHS was at the end of the first semester, leaving the role of teaching Dual Credit World History empty. Luckily, Tingley was on the lookout for a new job and took on the teaching role. Despite being just a few weeks in, the job seems to be the perfect fit.
“He seems passionate for his job, and he’s always smiling, which I love,” Richard Orellana (11) said.
Moving to Memphis from Massachusetts, Tingley brings five years of high school teaching experience with him to share with Spartans. He’s also taught at the community college level and even in other countries.
“Going overseas and even just moving locations really impacted my thinking and perspective,” Tingley said. “And by teaching English overseas, it really gave me the chance to know people from different cultures, religions, backgrounds. To be honest, it kind of lets you know how silly the English language can be.”
Tingley brings something to the classroom that not many other teachers can—insight into the world around him. Especially as a world history teacher, Tingley can offer much more than just the required credentials.
“I’ve been getting a lot of support from teachers, and the students have certainly been understanding and patient,” Tingley said.