History of homecoming

White Station has had a football and basketball homecoming as long as anyone can remember, but what is the actual purpose of this tradition?

Homecoming week now is a week-long celebration that leads up to the homecoming game, followed by a dance. The week prior is spent decorating the halls with posters and streamers to show school spirit. During homecoming week, students dress up according to a theme chosen by the student council. 

This year, the themes are meme/Vine/TikTok day and opposite day, followed by the classic class distinction day and traditional green and grey day. The homecoming game is against Overton High School, and the dance is glow in the dark themed.

The history of homecoming may seem straightforward, but the details are a little bit more complex.

Harvard and Yale have played an annual football game since the 1870s, where they invite their alumni to come back to root for their respective teams. This sparked the name of the “homecoming game.” 

As time went on, more events were added with the game at the center of it all. Parades became popular with players and fans cruising the streets, chanting their names and riding floats to the arena. Rallies formed to give speeches about their team’s history and to gather everyone in one area. Dances were created for players and fans get loose and celebrate their victory (if they won).

Many of these activities have been passed onto schools today, but the main motive behind these festivities is to bring back past students to show their pride and reconnect with old friends.