How to prepare for a driver’s permit test

Students often begin preparing to receive a driver’s permit at the age of 15. The permit tests consists of one written portion with 30 questions.

Getting a driver’s permit is a priority to many high school students; however, the path to safe driving comes with a lot of responsibility. 

The Tennessee Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) provides high school students with the information they need to successfully obtain a driving permit and, eventually, a driver’s license.

Simone Khan (11) obtained her driver’s permit shortly after turning 15. 

“I got a driver’s handbook from the DMV near me, and I originally used that to study before using online tests and quizzes,” Khan said.

The written permit test itself consists of questions in four different sections: traffic signs and signals, safe driving principles, rules of the road, and drugs and alcohol. Each section comprises 25% of the overall test. 

“It’s also important to take advantage of a bunch of different study sources for the specific sections of the test,” Khan said. “I used Quizlet study sets and I also studied with friends.”

The official Tennessee driver’s permit test features 30 questions. In order to pass, students must answer 24 correctly and achieve a passing score of 80%.

“On the official Tennessee DMV website, they have a lot of official practice quizzes and tests, and I just used those to study about a week before I took the actual exam,” Khan said.

Obtaining a driver’s permit can be a lengthy process.

“I really recommend studying using official materials to do well on the test,” Khan said.