Spartans Spread Holiday Cheer in Christmas Parades


Patrick Lantrip/ Daily Memphian

The annual Collierville Christmas Parade showcased floats, dancers, and our very own Spartan Band. Alongside other musicians and performers, the band spread nostalgic holiday tunes throughout the streets,

This time of year holds many traditions for most people- one being a holiday parade. For many, this involves sitting on the side of a street with loved ones watching extravagant floats pass by with Christmas music cheering them up. Some Spartans are on the other side of this, performing for the parade-watchers.

“I dance with the Dance Academy of Bartlett, and every year we perform in the Bartlett Christmas Parade,” Julia Howell-Moroney (10) said.

Younger dancers performed alongside long-time dancers in the parade in separate 2-minute choreographed dances. The Dance Academy of Bartlett performs annually at this parade, switching out the dances every 2 years. Howell-Moroney expressed that it was a fun experience to bring joy to all of the parade-watchers.

“I’ve been dancing in this parade for 6 years. It’s more of showing off our skills and entertaining everyone than how a usual dance competition is so competitive. It’s more chill,” Howell-Moroney said.

In the Collierville Christmas Parade, the Spartan Band can be found marching alongside other bands and floats every year.

“I play the trumpet, and it was my first time being in a parade, so there much more people than I thought would be there,” John Potter (9) said.

After about 4 2-hour practices, the band marched a combination of “The Nutcracker” and a piece called “Christmas March.” Persevering through the cold weather, the band members saw the excited faces of kids listening to their music as they marched past.

“I’m a junior, so this is my third year doing it with our band,”Kyndle Lee (11) said. “By this point, I don’t really get nervous when it comes to parades.  I just enjoy every moment I can because I know next year is my last year of being able to do it.”