Senior football managers enjoy final season


Katie Stanek/The Scroll

Ashlee Rich (12) stands on the sidelines during the game against Whitehaven with water ready for incoming players. White Station was defeated by Whitehaven at 17-0.

They may not don a helmet, pads and a jersey, but without the help of the team managers Ashlee Rich (12), Moe Alabsawi (12) and Robert Roaten (12), the football team would not be the same. As their final season comes to a close, the senior managers’ lives have been impacted by their important duty.
“[I learned] how to work with others and get stuff done in a short amount of time,” Roaten said.
From fixing helmets during games to setting up the water coolers together, the managers learned time management and teamwork on the sidelines. They also connected with the players that they had committed their Friday nights to.
“You get a different bond with the players…cause you see them 24/7,” Rich said.
A substantial commitment, the managers stay at least three hours after school each day and make sure the team has the best practice conditions possible. While Roaten started his sophomore year and Rich the beginning of her senior year, Alabsawi is the veteran.
“I actually did it in middle school,” Alabsawi said. “A lot of my friends that were on the middle school team encouraged me to join [the high school team].”
Because of their involvement, the seniors share firsthand the emotion of each success and loss. Ultimately, the three share the pride of being a Spartan with the players, win or lose.