Courtyard phase two brings new developments to campus

With a new year comes new developments to the campus of White Station High School, as phase two of renovations are underway. 

Phase one of renovations took place in the summer of 2018, when a walkway was constructed between the cafeteria and the east annex. Students currently use this space for academic and social purposes. 

According to the fundraising site, the courtyard project is a part of a master plan designed to improve the infrastructure and learning environment of White Station High.

The courtyard phase two brick campaign addresses what phase two will achieve, “Phase two of the Courtyard Project will feature a brick path leading visitors to more green space, a rain garden, bricked study alcoves, and artwork by WSHS alumni.”

“Phase two of the Courtyard has four seating alcoves containing 2,366 bricks.  If all of the bricks are sponsored, it will fund the courtyard! principal Carrye Holland stated in an email to the parents of White Station.

The projected enhancements to the campus of White Station High. The implementation of this plan is largely dependent on donations from the White Station community

The future of this project is highly dependent on donations from the White Station community. Ellen Barnes (11) plans to buy a brick and contribute to the second phase of the courtyard.

“It’s really good to make a mark on White Station through donating,” Barnes said. “More people should definitely consider donating to make this renovation a reality.”