White Station hosts a career fair


A detective. An astronaut. A football player. These were responses once given to the question that has followed students throughout childhood: What do you want to be when you grow up? Upon entrance into highschool, this question becomes dreaded. A serious response is expected, and oftentimes highschoolers don’t have a clue. White Station gave Spartans an opportunity to form a plan by holding a career fair on Nov. 9. 

There were 21 careers and colleges featured at the career fair, including the Secret Service, Baptist Health Sciences and the Orpheum. 

“I found it incredibly helpful to have an opportunity to network and interact with people from such different experiences and learn from them and their advice,” Savannah Thompson (11) said. 

While the Career Fair showcased several jobs, some students believe that it lacked several key career paths and was geared more towards jobs that they could work in high school. 

“Career fair definitely wasn’t what I expected, but overall, it was pretty beneficial. I would recommend having a greater variety of jobs next year,” Mary Wren Williams (9) said. 

Despite the job options, many students found Career Fair to be a great aid in planning for their future. 

“I don’t think that there is a cap to the amount of [preparation] we can have before going off to college. For me, the career fair helped to alleviate some stress and reaffirm my aspirations,” Thompson said.