Spruce-Up-Sparta: an expedition in beautifying White Station


Lydia Williams

John Phebus (9) works hard to prune a tree. This will help improve the health of the plant.

Raking leaves. Pruning trees. Planting flowers. These are just a few of the things that the White Station Spartan community is coming together to do in order to make their campus look nice.

On November 9, another Spruce Up Sparta event took place at White Station High School from 1-4 pm. Corrie Metcalf, a member of Parents in Education (PIE), helped to organize this event, as well as the several others that occurred earlier this year. This time they were preparing the school grounds for the colder weather.

“I like that we are actually giving something when we plant flowers or trim trees instead of just picking up trash. We are putting stuff into it [the campus] not just taking stuff out of it,” said Kaitlyn Williams (12).

Both students, parents, and even siblings come together to beautify the outside of the school. The bag up fallen leaves, spread mulch, and repaint the letters on the outside of the Spartan Palace.

“It feels nice going to a school that is very well taken care of,” said an anonymous source, “And it feels even better knowing that I helped make it look this way.”

At the next Spruce Up Sparta they will be planting trees. Spruce Up Sparta is a great opportunity to help beautify the community.