Senior dress-up day: Spooks to snow


Autumn Bobo

MaLiyah Hughes (12) posing in her Christmas themed outfit.

With college deadlines looming on the horizon, The Class of 2020 has some serious work cut out for them in the near future without much time to do it. There’s much of splicing, crunching and decisions, and it can be stressful.


As a way to add more fun to their lives, White Station’s seniors were given the opportunity to dress up as their favorite holiday memories during the school day on Oct. 4. As it was never done before, there were some disputes about which day was best to dress up as. The holidays chosen ranged from Halloween to Christmas, with more than a few in between. Though most stuck with the standard of a favorite holiday memory, there were some who went outside the box.


“I like Christmas; other people like Christmas–it’s so fun and joyful and happy and all spirit-y, so, yay, it matched me,” MaLiyah Hughes (12) said.


Even with the seniors decked out in holiday gear, it was business as usual in classrooms, with teachers not altering lesson plans or batting an eye at the change in attire and other classmates acknowledging the change and moving on.