New Teacher Lori Roberts brings skills to White Station


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Every year, new teachers arrive at White Station, bringing along a new set of skills with them to the school. One of this year’s new hires is Lori Roberts. Although new to White Station, she is far from new to teaching. Roberts is in her 22nd year of teaching special education after 14 years at Millington Elementary School before coming to White Station.

“I’m actually doing what I’ve always wanted to do, which is to be in a classroom with high school students that have different abilities,” Roberts said.

As a resident of East Memphis, Roberts is happily teaching kids from her community while enjoying the shorter commute to White Station compared to Millington. 

“Although I really liked elementary, I was ready for this change, so I’m doing what I always wanted to do,” Roberts said.

Like every teacher, there is much more to Roberts’ life than teaching five days a week. Not only does she help students succeed at White Station, but she also helps out at her family’s business, Pete and Sam’s, and is a proud mother of two.

Each new teacher brings a unique story, expanding the diversity of our school.