Seniors! Money! Learn all about it!


Financial Officer Matt Rhodes came to share scholarship information specifically for the University of Memphis. He then went on to explain the process of applying for FAFSA and what students should be doing to prepare for all college applications.

The moment most students look forward to is slowly approaching: the end of high school. However, they must first decide what they want to do after graduating. 

For those that seek to pursue a higher education, a major problem is finances. Seeing this as a barrier to success, White Station’s counselors hosted Senior Night, an informational session that brings various colleges to talk about financial aid. This year, admissions and financial officers from the University of Memphis, Rhodes College and the University of Tennessee, Knoxville visited White Station to inform parents and students about scholarships and programs each institution offers, as well as how much financial aid a family can receive. 

Students were able to learn about small merit-based scholarships and what type of financial aid is available at schools.

“Senior Night was a great way to learn about scholarships and new opportunities at Tennessee schools,” Brandon Quach (12) said.

After hearing from the University of Tennessee, Knoxville and Rhodes College, financial aid specialist Matt Rhodes from the University of Memphis shared how to fill out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid application (FAFSA), which provides free aid for students depending on their household income and situation.

“Senior night was a great opportunity for me to learn about financial aid, see local colleges and talk to their representatives,” Anya Tollefsen (12) said.