The Lady Spartan Lacrosse team hosts their annual interest meeting


Caitlin Tate

Coach Todd Jones explains the expectations for this sports season

The Lady Spartan Lacrosse Team held their annual interest meeting on Thursday, Aug.29 in the library. Returning players and newcomers gathered around to learn the fundamentals of lacrosse.
Most of the newcomers have never held a lacrosse stick or even heard of lacrosse. This could be daunting for new players as they are expected to play other private school teams who have played “since they were in diapers,” according to Coach Todd Jones.
This gap in experience was evident in the limited amount of games won for the Lady Spartans three years ago.
“Ask any girl who was on the team three years ago…the program was in the gutter,” Coach Todd said.
However, the meeting focused on how to overcome this disadvantage, which was dedication. Last year, the team won 14 games, their best season yet, due to the amount of practice hours the team put in.
“Don’t be a should have- could have- would have person. Make lacrosse your religion,” was a word of advice from Coach Todd.
The team is expected to join the Spartan 5k to boost comradery, run the concession stands for the football team to raise money, and have their first scrimmage with Houston High on Oct.10th.
Optimism was high not only for the coach, but the returning players as well.
“I hope a lot of people stay on the team, have fun and do great,” Aja Washington (12) said.