Emille Taylor, Queen of Green and Gray


Emille Taylor

Emille Taylor (12) served as Co-president of E-Board and Executive Officer of the National Honor Society in the latter half of her time at WSHS.

At a school like White Station, it is not uncommon to find motivated students. One Spartan, however, has been noted for going above and beyond in academia, leadership and school spirit. Recently voted “Ms. White Station” by the senior class of 2019, Emille Taylor (12) has made a name for herself as the model student. 

In her years at White Station, Taylor has served as Co-President of E-Board and Executive Officer of the National Honor Society— leadership roles that have had a particularly heavy hand in forming her Spartan legacy.

“There’s a lot of people who obviously see the impact that I’m able to have,” Taylor said. “And I think it’s nice to know that impact actually exists and enough people thought of me enough just to vote for me.”

Serving as an example for other students, Taylor is frequently met with high expectations from peers and administrators.

“I wouldn’t think of them as burdens or pressures. I think of them more as pushes to keep me going… because I know I can’t let people down. It kind of just pushes me to be the best that I can.”

Despite the weight of these expectations, Taylor finds clear advantages in her leadership roles. 

“The biggest pro is people…asking you questions and being able to answer those questions…,” Taylor said. “It’s that feeling of knowing that you’re helping somebody.”

Through her roles in leadership, Taylor has not only left an impact on other students, she has also benefited personally.  

“Being in leadership, dealing with so many types of people— different viewpoints— opened me way, way up,” Taylor said. “I’m a little bit more patient now. I’m willing to listen…and I’ve become a lot more understanding and empathetic.”

Looking ahead, Taylor hopes to study mathematics with a focus in statistics at Washington University. With four years of Spartan life under her belt, however, Taylor’s leadership will extend beyond just graduation. 

“I genuinely did care while I was here, and I still will care about my classmates if they do need something,” Taylor said. “As a leader, I think that’s what you’re here for.”