Welcome new one-on-one specialist


Lydia Williams

Tracy Stone and Annabelle Hulgan (9) in their classroom on the second floor of the main building.

As a new school begins once again, a new face can be seen helping out in the Special Education classroom. Her name is Tracy Stone and she is excited to begin working at White Station.

Stone has not always lived in Memphis. She was born in Chicago and moved to Florida, where she attended college at the University of Florida until her junior year, when she switched to the University of Memphis to finish her degree.

Before she came to work here, she taught for five years at Second Baptist. She was also very active in the Richland Elementary community, a place that many current spartans attended as kids. She volunteered to help out on field trips and helped out at school events.

Stone has had experience with White Station before she decided to work here. She is a mother of four and currently has a son who is a junior attending.

“I knew that is was a really good place to work and go to school, so I’m glad to be here,” Stone said.

As a one-on-one specialist, Stone focuses most of her time on helping Annabelle Hulgan (9) adjust to high school life. Hulgan is confined to a wheelchair, so Stone helps her navigate the crowds and work the elevators. She also helps Hulgan study for her classes and keep up with her workload. Stone also helps out in the Special Education classroom when needed.

“I’ve known Annabelle since she was seven and I’ve been very close with the family and I’ve worked with several special needs situations and children over at Second Baptist so I felt I could do very well working here and it’s been great,” Stone said.

Stone looks forward to growing closer to Annabelle and becoming a member of the White Station family.