Lisa Burns is promoted from teacher to assistant principal

The start of a new school year means new teachers and new classes for students, but for Lisa Burns it means the start of her new career. For the past 14 year, Burns was teaching personal finances to sophomores, now she is the new tenth grade assistant principal.
Due to using her administrative license during summer school at the district level,Burns had experienced being an administrator. However, even with job experience, it could overwhelming moving from managing four walls to four buildings.
“The difference of doing something new, even if it’s a good change, is still stressful because it’s different from what you’ve done beforehand. You want to get it right,” Burns said.
Although her duties has changed since being a teacher, one of them being the dreaded bus duty, she is still able to enjoy interactions with students and teachers.
“A lot of students that im seeing are students that I taught last year. I have more students now than I did, but now I see them in a different capacity,” Burns said.
As an acting administrator, Burns plans to enact positive change within WSHS, with it being centered around her an old motto.
“I want to make you guys happy when you’re 30, not when you’re 15. I really want you guys to succeed when your aults, and not just happy when you’re teenagers.”