Inside scoop of the freshman experience


The transition from eighth grade to freshman year can be a scary one. With seniors who have facial hair to a stark contrast of rigorous course loads in comparison to middle school, the freshman perspective is important to understand─ or remember. 

Nolan Joyner (9) entered into the halls of the Freshman Building and into his high school career with high hopes of hands-on teaching and an overall good experience for the next four years. 

Joyner explained that “the teachers getting involved and being able to communicate with other people” would influence his time here at White Station. 

Contrary to popular belief─ specifically that of seniors, freshmen like Joyner may not find upperclassmen all that intimidating. 

“[The school is] kind of separate. I don’t see seniors during the school day, or, if I do, I don’t know that they’re seniors,” Joyner said. 

After almost two weeks of roaming Spartan halls and learning in Spartan classrooms, Joyner’s general view of White Station is positive.

“I have pretty good impressions about the high school from other people,” Joyner said. “..That it’s a good school and a good place for high school.”