Urinetown musical brings in overwhelming support from spartans


Lydia Williams

Urinetown members pose during their first dance number.

The White Station band plays music from behind the stage. It grows louder and louder as the auditorium lights dim. The curtains open to reveal a little girl counting her pennies under the bright stage lights as the musical starts.

On Saturday, April 7th, the cast members of Urinetown put on their last performance of the musical. “Urinetown is a comedy where the people can’t pee for free. Eventually, the poor revolt against the rich as the people unfold what Urinetown really is.” Rachel Thomas (12), said. Thomas portrayed one of the lead roles in the play.

Preparations for the musical took place daily since January. “I have worked alongside the rest of the cast to memorize lines, choreography, music, and blocking, since January to put this show together,” Thomas said.

Working together to make the play has been important for many cast members.

“It’s [sic] been so great to see how everyone has collaborated onstage and off to get things done: designing programs, helping each other with costumes, bringing in props, etc.” Tara Sandlin (12), said. “It’s been a true team effort.”

All the preparation led up to opening night, which went very well, according to cast members.

“It was really amazing, we had a really big crowd for a Thursday. The show went really well, everyone had a lot of fun, and the audience was really into it!” Milla Meiman (10) said.

“This show is unlike any I’ve ever worked on.” Sandlin said. “It’s so out of the box, and I was so glad to do it with the amazing group of people who came together to make it come to life.”