Scribbler’s Coffeehouse: Enchanted Forest Edition

White Station High School’s literary magazine The Scribbler is a unique part of the school. They’re a diverse group of individuals that create a magazine filled with art of all kinds produced by the students of White Station. That’s not all Scribbler does, though. They also host an open mic night called Coffeehouse once a month, where students get to express themselves through poetry, music, dancing, or anything else they want to bring to the table. Their performance can be original or a cover. At Coffeehouse, it’s all about you.

“I love coffeehouse because I get to hang out with all of my friends in an environment where we’re able to express ourselves. Seeing my classmates perform is always so fun.” Emmett Campbell (10) said.

Students pay five dollars for an entree, food, and a night filled with fun. Once you pay, everyone packs into the auditorium stage or the auditorium lobby and watch as everyone performs for each other. Food is provided, and so are a few blankets. Each Coffeehouse, there’s a different theme. This month’s theme was “Enchanted Forest.”

Coffeehouse is truly a place of bonding amongst students, as Alex Moore (12) says.

“I love when the whole crowd ends up singing to some weird songs like “Our Song” by Taylor Swift or another unexpected hit that everyone loves.”

So, next time Coffeehouse rolls around, grab your blankets and your appetite and join the rest of Sparta in the auditorium.