Spartans of all ages come together for a love of music

On February 26, the White Station elementary, middle, and high school bands came together to all play music for their families and friends. The elementary musicians performed first, playing ”Twinkle Twinkle Little Star,” and “Hot Cross Buns.” Then followed the middle school musicians, then the high school band, and finally, all of the Spartan musicians joined forces and played together.

In the end, Spartans young and old walked confidently onto the auditorium stage and played in harmony as parents and grandparents scrambled to record their children.

As Eli Cruthirds (10) listened in the audience, he was amazed by all of the hard work and talent on the stage.

“It must be really hard to get everyone together, considering there’s three schools involved. They have to also choose a piece that everyone can play at their skill level, but when you get to hear the end product, it’s a really cool experience. ”