Full bellies, good times, and perks for the Spartans

On February 26, many students’ mouths watered as they pulled up to the Chipotle parking lot, eager to taste the delicious food they were about to order. Not only did many people get a tasty treat, but for every order in the name of White Station, ROTC received a portion of the revenue.

“It’s actually a really smart idea,” Anthony Wiggins (10) said, “We get to enjoy some good food, the school gets money. It’s a win win situation for everyone involved.”

This isn’t the first time ROTC has held a spirit night at a restaurant, and it surely won’t be the last. Chick Fil A is a frequent host of Spirit Nights, and lots of students, teachers, and parents alike go to support White Station.

“I love food, so, honestly, it’s great,” Layla Harvey (10) says, “Because it’s another excuse I can use to get to go out to eat, and it’s for a good cause.”