Three isn’t always a crowd


Alexis, Allyson, and Derrell Totten (12) stand hand in hand, ready to celebrate their birthday.

It has been said that the number three is powerful, and this is definitely true for the Totten’s and the Brown’s.

The Totten siblings—Alexis, Allyson, and Derrell—and the Brown siblings—Reggie, Fulton, and Kennedy—are triplets. They share a special bond with each other that only triplets can have.

“You always have someone to talk to, and you never have to find a person to go somewhere with you,” Alexis Totten (12) said. “My best friends are my sister and brother and I can always ask them for advice.”

Growing up as triplets was a special experience.

“As children we always wore matching clothes, and it was always someone to talk and play with,” Alexis Totten (12) said.

All of the Totten’s agree that it was annoying when they were mistaken for each other. They all look very similar and have similar characteristics, such as liking the same types of food and loving family; however, they each have their own unique personalities and talents.

“Allyson is very creative she loves to do makeup and enjoys doing hair. Derrell is very active and, when it comes to sports, he would study the history and learn all the rules of the game. Alexis is organized and likes structure. She has always liked to choreograph dances and cheer,” the three all said.

Another set of triplets, the Brown’s, also agree that the most irritating part of being a triplet is when people act shocked at being around triplets.

“[We] just got tired of hearing the same reactions, but it was still fun,” Reggie Brown (10) said.

Despite being so closely related, the Browns have also managed to let their own personalities and qualities shine through.

“We all have a sense of humor that just binds us together more. We don’t always act alike though.”