Bullet journaling: the newest organizational trend


If you are one of the many people that forget about their New Year’s resolutions immediately after they are set, don’t fret, because bullet journalism may get you back on track.

Bullet journaling is gaining more and more recognition as being a great way to stay organized and promote creativity. Calligraphy, weekly logs and daily itineraries are things many people include in their journals, but it’s up to the journalist to decide what works best for them. They are also useful for keeping a health tracker, keeping track of school work or practicing art.

“I use my bullet journal as a calendar, note system and an art journal,” Wyatt Charles (10), who has been bullet journaling for three years, said. “It has made my life much easier and organized.”

There are long term benefits of starting a bullet journal that are enticing for many people.

“Since I have started bullet journaling, I have started to become more dedicated, neat and organized,” Medha Vijayanand (10), who has been bullet journaling for two years, said. “Coming up with new spreads and entries has allowed me to be more creative as well.”

The freedom of having a bullet journal is appealing because there is no such thing as a perfect journal.

“I have a habit tracker, monthly review, weekly to-do lists and a page to write three good things that happened every day,” Corinne Coady (12) said.

Coady has kept a bullet journal for one year, and she often gets her inspiration from the internet.

Starting a bullet journal may be an easy decision for some; however, dedication and perseverance are key to maintaining a successful journal.

“Watch a lot of videos on it,” Coady says. “There’s no shame in copying the layout or theme that other people do, but always try to incorporate aspects of yourself.”