Everything you need to know about the Scribbler coffeehouse


Cam Leith

Senior editor of The Scribbler Savannah Turnage (12) explains the rules and protocol for the October 2018 “Cereal Killer” Coffeehouse to an eager crowd of students.

While some students and faculty choose to participate in Friday Night Lights or other sporting events throughout the year, others choose a unique White Station event: Coffeehouse. Presented by the Scribbler, White Station’s literary magazine, Coffeehouse has become notorious for its variously-themed, open-mic style.

Coffeehouse is a relatively new addition to White Station’s repertoire of after-school events. Only having been around for a few years, the event has gained popularity among students. With its open-mic setup, students can share anything with their peers through song, dance, poetry and more. Interestingly, there are no limits to what students can share; they really can perform anything.

“It’s like a safe place for people to express [themselves] and open their minds to all of us,” Jackson Ruddick (9), a first-year staff member, stated.

Cam Leith
Several students pose for the camera as they huddle together, waiting for October’s “Cereal Killer” Coffeehouse to commence.

Much unbeknownst to students, the themes and building usage have to be approved prior to each Coffeehouse. Staff members are also assigned responsibilities for each of the gatherings.

“It normally takes close to a month for us to prepare for a Coffeehouse. After [everything is approved], then we start planning,” Savannah Turnage (12), editor of the magazine, said.

At the end of the day, the Scribbler hopes to promote inclusivity, diversity, acceptance and creativity by holding these events. The relaxed gatherings are open to students beyond the walls of White Station High School in hopes of promoting sharing within the community.

“It’s something that seems like it only happens in movies—like an open-mic night at a high school?” Alex Moore (12), co-editor for the magazine, said. “But then you go and just walk in, and you’re surrounded by comfort, and everyone’s having a good time.”

Community, love and acceptance. If The Scribbler can promote these things, we should all be able to do the same.

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