White Station welcomes potential students at Optional Open House

It’s a school night on Jan. 15, but the parking lot is packed and the school lights are still on. White Station is hosting the optional open house, and 8th graders and their parents sit in the auditorium to learn more about the optional program.

After the initial introduction of the school and the optional program given by Principal Mansfield and Vice Principal Holland, audience members had the chance to hear the perspectives of a Spartan parent and student. Both emphasized how the academic rigor and college preparatory courses that White Station offers have enhanced the mindset and work ethic of the student.

Potential spartan parents not only decide to send their child to white station because of the academics, but because of how diverse it is and how it prepares them for the real world  

“ Its challenging… I love the diversity of this school; it’s a good cross section of the real world,” Clay Martin, a parent of a potential student, said.”It’s our first choice. I don’t think there’s any comparison.”