Science Olympiad team takes first and second place


White Station Science Olympiad team members prepare for the next event

The White Station Science Olympiad Team started the new year with two wins at  competition on Jan. 12 at White Station High School.

Sponsors Mr. Richardson and Ms. Davis have been preparing the team since the beginning of November by scheduling studying and building events throughout the school year. Although seniors were unable to compete, Team A won 2nd place, and Team B won 1st place.

“Winning feels pretty good,” Chinnu Allí (11) said. “All that studying and taking practice tests pays off.”

Although White Station achieved success, there are some things they can improve on for the next competition.

“We need to work on how to get things exactly how we want them to, and we need to refine different sequences for our mousetrap,” said Neil Arora (12) .

The next event is the regional competition that will take place in late February at CBU.