E-Board celebrates Friendsgiving


Justin Kouch

Thirteen members of the Executive Board casually gather and break bread together in celebration of Friendsgiving. The annual event was hosted by Commissioner of Publicity Kennedy Ray (11) and her family.

‘Tis the season to gather with friends and family, and that is exactly what E-Board did this week to celebrate Thanksgiving together.

At Commissioner of Publicity Kennedy Ray’s (11) home, thirteen members of the executive board brought their own dishes, as the gathering was a potluck. The dishes definitely represented E-Board’s culturally diverse demographic, including shrimp fried rice, falafel, chicken biryani, and so much more. Of course, there were standard Thanksgiving dishes present as well, one of which was the much-requested macaroni and cheese.

“I think that the mac and cheese had to be my favorite. I really liked it. It was great,” first-year Member at Large Alexa Gonzalez (12) said.

Justin Kouch
E-Board President Emille Taylor (12) slumps over after eating. “Dang, that mac and cheese was fye,” Taylor said.

All good gatherings include entertainment, and for this particular gathering, it was television and games. First, the group merely watched episodes of The Office and Criminal Minds while waiting for others to arrive. Then, after eating, the members gathered to play a game of “Left-Right,” a staple in the Ray household.

“My family plays it at nearly every gathering, especially Christmas. I like it because everyone gets something out of it” Ray said.

The game, which comprises of passing gifts either to the left or to the right as a story is told, concluded with many happy teenagers in possession of blankets, gift cards, chocolates, blankets, or electronics.

As the event came to a close, the board members decided to play several rounds of the infamous Cards Against Humanity, brought by Vice President of Activities Chinnu Alli (11).

“My favorite part about Friendsgiving has to be Cards Against Humanity because I feel like we all got to see each other’s funny sides,” Gonzalez said.

The Executive Board, behind many of White Station’s major school-wide events, had the chance to relax and gather together to celebrate the holiday season and forget about school. Thanksgiving may now be over, but this year’s Friendsgiving is likely one they shall never forget.