Senior night at the Station


Isabella Shaw

Spartan seniors gathered tonight for Senior Night, a college informational meeting. Steven Mizell, an admissions counselor, and Matt Rhodes, a financial aid officer, from the University of Memphis spoke to students and parents about the college application process.

Tuesday, September 11, Spartan seniors and their parents gathered in the auditorium to discuss pertinent details surrounding their final year of high school and the preliminary steps toward college.

Steven Mizell and Matt Rhodes, admissions and financial aid officers from the University of Memphis, spoke to students and parents about starting to plan for college.

Mizell, U of M’s admissions counselor, stressed that students remain themselves during the application process, think of how their application will present themselves, visit their intended colleges, and most importantly, know why they are going to college.

Rhodes, U of M’s financial aid officer, stressed the importance of signing up for FAFSA, (Free Application for Federal Student Aid), which opens Oct. 1. He also explained the many different forms of financial aid, from scholarships to grants, to federal student loans. According to him, it is important that students know their options and apply for as much as they can because scholarships and such can add up.

Mrs. Fleming and Mrs. Heaston, two school counselors, also spoke, giving general information. One of their points was that the counselor website has been worked on and updated, and all students will be able to find information from time to time on it. As of now, there are a few scholarship opportunities posted.

By the looks of it, Spartan seniors have much planning to look forward to this year, but White Station will do its best to ensure that the class of 2019 has its best year yet.