Seniors reflect on their art and contests


Lizzie Boyer poses with her art piece.

Art is a way of expressing an artist’s message. At White Station High School, art students are submitting their work to compete for awards, recognition or opportunities to further explore their passions. The art ranges from one-dimensional to three-dimensional art forms that are diverse in color, texture, concept and overall image. Each choice supports the message an artist’s attempts to convey to their audience.
“This entire year I have been using charcoal for my AP art concentration, and I love the flexibility of the medium. I can manipulate the tones and textures in so many ways,” AP art student Lizzie Boyer (12) said.
Students enter national contests along with local and smaller-scale competitions.
“Winning a contest is honestly the greatest feeling ever.” Boyer said. “The sense of accomplishment in something that you put your full time and effort into that is portrayed to be the best of a group of people.”
They all have their creative sparks, but they are sometimes stunted. This is known as “artist block,” where the artist has no motivation or inspiration.
“If you have a work ethic which is partially a habitual thing, it makes it easier to overcome ‘Artist Block’,” AP art teacher Charles Berlin said.
Even with the great creativity flowing from these artists, not all contests are won. The reactions to these losses tend to vary. Some feel that they should have won, but others respect the opinions of the judge. Either way, they are inspired to create more work with more passion.
“Some of the real genius art students get passed over by the whims of a particular judge,” Berlin said. “If you keep producing and entering shows, typically you eventually hit the jackpot.”
As the students leave high school, art will continue to influence them. Even if they do not pursue art, their determined and innovative minds will continue to aid them in their pursuits.
“Speaking for students that I have watched over the past few years in art classes, I feel confident that our seniors at WSHS will have lots of success after they graduate,” art teacher David Pentecost said.