Mrs. McFalls bids farewell after 22 years of teaching



Mrs. McFalls has taught English III Honors and AP Seminar at White Station. After 22 years of teaching, she will be greatly missed.


During her 22-year career at White Station High School, Lori McFalls, guiding students through AP Seminar and Honors English III, has made an impact with her sincere interest in each student.

She first began to consider becoming a teacher years ago after interacting with students at a volunteering event for her daughter’s school.

“After my daughter started school, I was volunteering at Snowden School, and I enjoyed working with children, and I also saw some problems with education. And I thought if I was going to complain, I needed to be part of the system,” McFalls said. “Like many parents, when our children get involved in school, we get involved there as well.”

Through her experience of working at Trezevant High School, Volunteer Memphis, White Station Middle School and finally White Station High School, she learned how to understand students and reach them best.

“I’ve always thought it was more important to teach children how to think than what to think,” McFalls said.“If I teach you what to think, you just become people who take tests.”

One Honors English III student, Daniel Phebus (11), has enjoyed becoming a better writer and reader under McFalls’ guidance.

“She used to be an editor and writer for the Commercial Appeal, and so having a journalism background helps her help us,” Phebus said.

Another student, Sophie Ross (11), has McFalls for AP Seminar. Some of her favorite parts of the class are hearing McFalls’ stories, receiving helpful advice and learning about time management.

“She’s different from other teachers because she really engages with you…she’s really invested in your life, and she’ll really get to know you,” Ross said.

McFalls plans on moving to Knoxville after retiring to live closer to her daughter, but leaving White Station will be bittersweet.

“I’ll miss the students, but not the paperwork,” McFalls said.