New semester welcomes new teachers

Teachers are an integral part of any school, and this semester welcomes a few new ones into the Spartan family.

Although starting at this time in the school year may change some details within the classroom, Traci Petersen, Samantha Hardin and Melissa Seagraves are prepared for the work.

“It is a little chaotic jumping into a new school in the middle of the year. However, things have settled down a bit and I have found a routine,” Hardin said.

This switch from chaos to routine can also impact students and the way they learn.

“Creating an environment in which students feel comfortable to demonstrate learning and take risks is very important to me,” Seagraves said.

As with any task, achieving a quality learning environment is made easier through an approachable school staff and student body.

“I have been welcomed here very warmly by the administration, faculty and staff,” Petersen said. “The students reflect the same positivity.”

Hardin enters her second year as a teacher by joining White Station’s Deaf Education program. She believes in setting solid standards so students know what is expected of them.

“The most important part of the classroom environment is to have clear goals and expectations set up for the students,” Hardin said.

As the new French teacher, Seagraves’ favorite part about teaching is helping students overcome apprehension and learn something new.

“I am so excited to have been given the opportunity to become a Spartan,” Seagraves said.

One of her students, Lily Dixon (10), comments on adjusting to a new teacher.

“It’s hard at first, but you get used to the new teaching style pretty quick,” Dixon said.

Seeing teaching at White Station as a great opportunity, Petersen, who teaches Visual Art and AP Art History, is very passionate about her subject. She recognizes the presence of art in all parts of society, culturally and socially, and how it helps people find their voices.

As they look forward to getting to know this community, these teachers are excited at all the learning they and their students have to do together.




Mrs. Seagraves is eager to continue teaching students all about the French language.


Our new art teacher, Mrs. Petersen, looks forward to this year.


Mrs. Hardin is an exciting new addition to the Deaf Education program.