White Station alumni turned faculty members reflect on high school experiences


#14 on the WSHS girls soccer team, Shelby Rose plays against ECS in 1992, fall of her senior year.

Who would ever expect a high school graduate to return to the very place most people can not wait to leave? White Station’s faculty has several alumni- physics teacher Maridee Cornell and hearing impaired department educational assistant Shelly Rose.

Graduating in 1987, Ms. Cornell attended White Station for her junior and senior year. She was highly active in sports, including volleyball, basketball and softball, and was part of National Honors Society.

“It took a little adjustment, but yes, I did love White Station,” Cornell said.

Wanting a regular life with her children, Cornell returned to the school as a teacher. This is her eighth year back.  

Shelly Rose graduated in 1993 after four years as a Spartan. As a student-athlete, she participated in girls soccer and was the manager of the boys team.

“I loved my time at White Station,” Rose said. “I married my high school sweetheart.”

Rose wanted to have the same positive impact on students that teachers had on her, so she became an educational assistant.

White Station’s campus was not the exact same three decades ago. There have been many renovations to the lockers and classrooms. The buildings used to not have air conditioning, and there were tennis courts where the portables are now.

“There are significantly more students,” Cornell said. “We have more optional kids. It was diverse when I came here too.”

Both Cornell and Rose hope to see improvements made to the school in the future.

“My hope is that our discipline issues would get fixed,” Cornell said. “I want some of our students more focused on academics and going to college.”

Rose had more to add about her hopes for a cleaner and more appealing campus overall.

“I want to see students take more pride in their school and keep the campus clean,” Rose said.

Despite small issues, there is more to love about White Station.

“I love the same things I’ve always loved,” Cornell said. “Students that are highly motivated and want to learn. We do a little bit of everything and we always do it well.”

Even after graduating, White Station alumni continue to carry Spartan pride forever.