YouTube proves popular platform for students

Whether watching makeup tutorials, sports replays or music videos, almost every person in the world has come across YouTube in one way or another. With over 30 million viewers per day, YouTube has become a major social media platform that has connected individuals worldwide. Anyone and everyone is welcome to post videos through YouTube, including students from White Station High.

Drew Lyons (11) and Rodney Shelton (11) post weekly sports-related reviews, ranging from college football to the NBA to their Youtube channel The Den,. Every week they invite special guests, Hunter Goldberg (11) and Sterling Parson (11), who join their channel to input their ideas and thoughts.

“We figured we wanted to talk about sports. We see all the analysts on ESPN, so we figured we could do it too,” Goldberg said.

While The Den keeps videos focused on sports, TTZ Tv created by Tamia Davis (10), Taryn Eddie (10) and Zoe Spikner (10) focus on entertainment. The all-girl trio upload tags and challenge videos for their teen audience to enjoy.

“We want people to be happy when they watch our videos. We want to make them laugh,”  Spikner said.

Both groups hope to gain larger followings and connect their videos with people everywhere.

“I hope it blows up and people all over the country watch, Lyons said, “We’re just doing it because it’s fun, so we’re good either way.”

White Station also has students who prefer posting individual content. Harold Lloyd (11) and Takuma Walter (10) post frequently on YouTube through their accounts, LifeOfDreTv and TacoFull.

LifeOfDreTv revolves around Lloyd’s everyday life as a high schooler. He posts regularly, sometimes even twice a week for his subscribers. TacoFull includes a variety of videos, ranging from gaming to tennis. Finding it hard to balance school and YouTube, Walter usually posts monthly.

From sports to vlogs, students at White Station High School have a diversity of interests. YouTube offers a way for them to share their lives with their close-knit communities but also with the world.  

Tamia Davis and Taryn Eddie uploaded a recent video, titled “Lyric Challenge.”
Hunter Goldberg, Drew Lyons, and Rodney Shelton star in a recent video for The Den.