Building engineer sacrifices time for student safety on snow day


Caroline Hoff

Mr. Campbell works hard on repairs in the cafeteria.

Meet White Station’s new building engineer: Toledo Campbell. He has been working at White Station since July of 2017 when he prepared the building for students to return to school in August. He has one of the busiest and most stressful jobs in the school, but many students do not know of him. Campbell’s primary goal is to improve White Station’s campus and make it enjoyable for students and faculty.

Campbell works eight hours each day doing projects and repairs.

“I manage appliances, maintain the campus in an orderly fashion, and run the custodial team that cleans the campus,” Campbell said. “My favorite part about my job is completing projects that enhance the campus for students and faculty.”

Campbell worked hard even when White Station was on break due to inclement weather. It is mandatory for district employees to report to schools even in dangerous conditions to ensure safety on campus and in the building.

“I had a wheelbarrow that I used to make my way around the campus with bags of ice melt, and I had to break up areas that had excessive ice build up,” Campbell said. “It took several days to remove all the ice.”

Campbell worked in moderation due to the extreme temperatures and a winter storm advisory.

“I would come in and get warm and then go back out until my hands started to freeze and then I would work my way back in,” Campbell said.

Every day presents new challenges for Campbell, simply because of the age of the building.

“There is never a boring day as a building engineer,” Campbell said.

“Every project I do is worth every minute of it when students and faculty express their gratitude.”

He quietly goes about his job; many students have probably never even seen him. The people who do know Campbell appreciate his hard work and dedication.

“Mr. Campbell is one of the hardest working faculty members I know of. He is so devoted to his work and wants the best for the students and staff at White Station,” Ali Fowler (11) said.