The new Star Wars movie available in Memphis IMAX


Causing a great disturbance in the Memphis entertainment community, an IMAX is. December 15, the newest Star Wars movie will debut in a new IMAX theatre at Malco Paradiso.

Exceeding a traditional movie screen nine times over, the IMAX experience is unparalleled. Although there has been one other exclusive IMAX theatre and one other IMAX-sized screen in Memphis, the Paradiso in East Memphis will be the only one actively showing blockbusters. The theatre will now feature IMAX along with its previous options. This alien form of entertainment engages up to 300 viewers and immerses them in the sea of sound accompanied by images larger than life.

The theatre will be in the Malco Paradiso Cinema Grill, which happens to be near a Double Tree and an abundance of restaurants. Although external food is still prohibited from the theatre, the proximity of the restaurants and shops make the area suitable to provide a variety of activities to the public.

To add to the exciting atmosphere, a new Star Wars movie, The Last Jedi, will be released. The IMAX may be a new terrain for the moviegoers, but the love for the movie itself will make them feel welcomed.

“Seeing Star Wars in IMAX would immerse me in this atmosphere that I have grown up loving, allowing me to experience Star Wars on a whole new level,” Cody Hunter (10) said.

This cinema is a possibility for an increase in the theatre’s attendance. For the audience, the clarity and immersion in the galaxy have the ability to allow them to truly feel the force.


Memphis Malco IMAX – Commercial Appeal