New stores make their way to Poplar Commons


Poplar Avenue is home to a wide variety of stores and businesses. Just this fall, it became home to two more. Nordstrom Rack and Ulta Beauty have joined the entourage of stores that line the sides of Poplar Avenue.
Nordstrom Rack is a clothing, shoe and accessory store that is popular throughout the country. However, the Nordstrom Rack that just opened in October on the newly developed Poplar Commons shopping center is only the second one to open in Tennessee.
“Customers will be excited because we offer clothing, shoes, beauty and accessories for the entire family at considerable savings,” Crystal Kim, store manager at Nordstrom Rack, said.
Sophomore Gracie Harrison (10) visited Nordstrom Rack and liked what it had to offer.
“It was really organized and it had a lot of clothes that I thought were cute,” Harrison said.
Despite her good first impression, Harrison was not too sold on some of the prices of the items there.
“Some of them were kind of expensive but, like, it was still nice. It had a lot of options,” Harrison said.
Nordstrom Rack’s neighbor, Ulta Beauty, also opened in Poplar Commons this November. Ulta Beauty is a beauty and cosmetics store popular among people of all ages. It has never been in East Memphis before, so this will be a new experience for lots of people.
These are not the only stores that will get to be a part of Poplar Commons shopping center. In the future, LA Fitness and Hopdoddy Burger Bar will become a part of the ever-growing family of stores on Poplar Avenue.