Roberson’s early campaign garners success


Kennedy Roberson (12) delivers his speech during class elections.

Kennedy Roberson (12) took the class of 2018 by surprise when he began his campaign for senior class president during the final months of his junior year.

To kick off his campaign, Roberson created an Instagram, @robersonforpresident, to gain support. On the page, he posted information regarding his campaign and pictures with White Station faculty.

“I thought it would… show that I am a good representation of the school by how connected I am,” Roberson said.

Additionally, Roberson organized a senior barbeque during the summer at Shelby Farms. He even worked a summer job to pay for the majority of the funds for the event with the help of some senior E-Board members.

“Kennedy put a lot of time and effort into the whole barbeque…it just showed how dedicated he was to the whole event itself because he had been planning this months before” Kiersten Stokes (12) said.

All of Roberson’s hard work campaigning paid off when he won the election.

As president, he plans to make information more accessible for seniors about college. In particular, Roberson wants more information to be given to traditional students.

“I really want to push more info out to them whether that’s different resources like I said earlier or different fun days because I feel like me being one of those people that has been in a traditional class before, I feel like that they aren’t given as much information, as let’s say our honors or AP kids,” Roberson said.

Passionate about his plans, he encourages other students to run for positions in order to make the changes they would like to see.

“I’m just really glad people did take the time to run because it shows that people really do care about White Station, and I think more people should run for more positions,” Roberson said.