Bonds form among young step team through competition and performance


Kathryn Haynes

The step team performs at the football pep rally.

Five, six, seven, eight. The music sounds, the crowd roars, and the girls eagerly await to perform. The step team executes their much rehearsed routine to a full audience at the homecoming pep rally. The White Station Step Team is known for its energetic performances at the pep rallies; however, many students do not know all the components that go into the show stopping routines.

The step team, captained by Kahlia Holliman (12), is a dedicated group of 11 members with a passion for stepping. With only five girls returning from last season, this team is full of new perspectives and personalities. The team practices three to four times a week for three hours, stretching, conditioning, and perfecting the material learned. A unique aspect of this team is that each girl is encouraged to give her own suggestions while creating the routines.

“We give all the girls on the team a chance to show us their ideas for the routines. We want the girls to feel involved in the creative process,” Holliman said.

The inclusion of all the members during this creative process contributes to the close-knit relationship the girls share.

“The step team is more of a family of sisters than a team. We all feel as if we have a voice and contribute to the final product,” Elise Kelley (10), a second year member of the team, said.

Ms. Kandice Garrett, who has been coaching the team for nine years, believes the bond between the girls is essential to maintaining a successful step program. They spend almost everyday together on top of attending out of town competitions, so team chemistry is vital to the team’s success on stage.

“We do not have a core group of steppers in Memphis. To compete we go out of state and out of town, so the competition is very competitive,” Garrett said.

The White Station High School Step Team performed at the University of Memphis Pom Legacy Competition on October 27 as featured guests. The team is bound for success this season with the tight bonds the girls share.