The Lawn Chair Society raises money for underfunded sports


Members Lucas Schupp (11), Emily Cooper (11), Padethkane Rasasack (11) and Andrea Brimhall (11) socialize after school in the senior gym parking lot with LCS president Chloe Carter (11).

Most people sit on the bleachers at football games. Most people feel crowded in the stands. Most people don’t know about the Lawn Chair Society (LCS).

According to club president Chloe Carter (11), the LCS’s goal is to raise money for underfunded sports programs and generate fan support and attendance to sporting events. Carter asked Spanish teacher Señor Norment to sponsor the club, who before coming to White Station, coached sports in high school for twenty-one years.

“The sports are here for the students, and the more interest we create for them, the better,” Norment said.

The LCS was originally a club in the 1980s but has been resurrected by Carter, who found a picture in her mother’s 1995 yearbook. This photograph shows nine people sitting in lawn chairs in the parking lot, wearing LCS hats. Some of the faculty remember the club from when they attended White Station.

“I was flipping through a 1995 yearbook, and I said, ‘Holy heck! That’s the Lawn Chair Society! I want one of those,’” Carter said.

The LCS is unlike any other club. Members of the club gather together to listen to music after school in the parking lot and attend sporting events.

“Well, other clubs I know-they don’t sit in lawn chairs,” Olivia Dillow (11), an LCS member, said.

The LCS has about thirty members so far, but Carter thinks the club will acquire more attention once word gets out about the club. Carter wants people to join the club to have fun and give overlooked sports a spotlight.

“Our goal is to raise some money for White Station athletics, particularly the sports teams that don’t get a whole lot of funding,” Carter said.

Carter hopes to draw new members who want to raise money and have a good time.