Local bookstore in Laurelwood reopens with new name and management

Booksellers of Laurelwood provided a place for students to escape into different worlds, but last February, readers were startled by store closing signs on the windows of the bookstore. Nevertheless, after a miraculous turn of events, Booksellers of Laurelwood has become novel.

Booksellers of Laurelwood was a place that many White Station students frequented from buying books for class to doing homework after school.

“Growing up, the bookstore was always a safe place where my family and I could go together for hours,” said Dora Weirdl (12). “It has always meant so much to me because going there I would just get lost in my own world and imagination while exploring new topics. Not to mention we would always be greeted on a first name basis by the friendly faces that worked there.”

Earlier this year, Booksellers of Laurelwood went out of business and left the community without a bookstore in the area. White Station alum, Emmett Miskell, started a petition to save the beloved store. His mission to preserve the brick and mortar bookstore gained traction and attracted the attention of multiple news outlets as well as a group of 24 local investors. This new group decided to unite around this cause and set to reopen the store in the fall.

novel. had its grand opening in August and revealed its new design and layout. The new storefront is about half the size of the previous layout but includes  just as many books. One of the new features of the store is the 1,500 square feet event space reserved for guest speakers and author signings.  Building on the book theme, the store will also be home to “Libro”, the in-store restaurant.

“Since the reopening, it has been bittersweet; however, I realize that although in a smaller area, the purpose of the store still remains, and I hope that kids get to grow up there and feel safe to get lost just like I did,” Weirdl said.

Although the bookstore has gone through many changes throughout the years, one thing that has remained the same is the effect the store has had on the community.

“We’ve always had a strong effect on the community. It’s been a really mutual relationship. We’ve worked with local schools and charities and we want to continue doing that,” said manager Eddie Burton.

What makes this brick and mortar store different from the mainstream is that it is so much more than just a bookstore. It is a place where the community can come together and share ideas.