Performing arts freshman and their transition to high school


Eva Winfrey

The White Station orchestra rehearsing concert pieces

High school is one of a student’s most important steps in their academic career. For performing arts students, the transition from middle school to high school can be more complicated than the average student’s. The process involves auditioning and sometimes even learning a completely new instrument. The class of 2021’s performing arts students has some interesting thoughts about their move from middle school to high school.

“It was very different,” Ka’myia Jones (9), a violin player from Bellevue Middle School and now in the WSHS Orchestra, said.

“But making new friends was easy because everyone seems very open.”

Playing an instrument or singing can be difficult, but some believe their teachers make it easier for them to learn and thrive. It takes loads of practice and preparation to become a good musician.

“[Dr. Palmer] wants us to explore and test ourselves and achieve our goals,” Cooper Ford (9) said.

Ford is from Maxine Smith STEAM Academy and is now a violin player in the orchestra. Eight years ago, he decided that he wanted to show his talents through an instrument.
“It’s been fun learning the music, playing it, and expressing my feelings,” Ford said.

For the other performing arts students, having friends in their class made the change easier.

“I’d say around 20 guys in men’s choir I’ve been singing with for two to three years,” Ian McMillin (9), a freshman choir student from White Station Middle School said. “We’ve all supported each other and made it an easy transition.”

For band student, Azim Minareci (9) from White Station Middle School, most of his friends moved on to White Station High School, as well. “Almost all of my friends went [to WSHS] and made the transition easier,” said Minareci, “[Band] is fun and I am learning a lot of stuff I didn’t know in beginning band.”

For these music students, crossing the thresholds of White Station High has been a unproblematic journey for them so far with the help of their friends, teachers, and their environment.