Super Bowl LI


Watch the Atlanta Falcons and the New England Patriots play in the 2017 Super Bowl 51.

The Super Bowl has been set. Bets have been made, rivalries intensified, food consumed, and fans in every home have cheered on their favorite team. This season, the Atlanta Falcons face off against the New England Patriots in the big game. Even though the odds are stacked against the Falcons, the game is said to be one for the ages.
New England favorites Tom Brady and Coach Bill Belichick are up against Atlanta, led by quarterback Matt Ryan and wide receiver Julio Jones. The Falcons’ biggest advantage is their offense, but Brady and Belichick are aiming for their fifth Lombardi Trophy and plan to put up a fight. The Patriots defense was ranked the number one defensive as opposed to the Falcons, who were ranked 23 in defense. The Patriots only gave up 15 points a game; the Falcons gave up 24 points a game.
With the approach of the final game on Feb. 5, fans like Pre-Cal teacher Harold Yager and Katelyn Sobral (11) start making final predictions.
“I’d like to see the Falcons win it, but I think New England’s probably going to win simply because Belichick is a better coach,” Yager said.
The Patriots are fan favorites. Many assumed the Green Bay Packers would beat out the Falcons on the Jan. 22 game, but the Falcons prevailed with 44-21. The Falcons had an 13-5 season, while the Patriots had a 16-2 season. To progress onto the final national championship, the Patriots beat out a fan favorite, the Pittsburgh Steelers, with 36-17.
This year’s Super Bowl is all about offense. Neither team’s strong points are defense, even though the Patriots have a fairly decent defensive pass. The Falcons’ offense has the potential to take it, but Brady as a quarterback might say otherwise.
“Even though the Falcons are really good, the Patriots will probably win,” Sobral said. “I think the Patriots are more composed.”
This is the Falcons’ second time making it to the Superbowl, only winning once, while the Patriots will have appeared at the Super Bowl nine times after Sunday, winning four times. Brady and Belichick are a dynamic duo, making it to the Super Bowl together six times.
The Super Bowl, and football in general, spurs rivalries among many people. Fan commitment and dedication to their favorite team is usually just friendly feud, but some people get genuinely upset about someone saying something negative about their teams. Even though the Super Bowl creates this divide, it generally brings people together.
Super Bowl watch parties are a part of the experience of the game. People get together and enjoy food, football and friends. Tune into the 51st Super Bowl on Sunday, Feb. 5 to see who will win this Lombardi Trophy– the Atlanta Falcons or the New England Patriots.