Dishin’ & swishin’: A preview of the 2017 Boys’ Spartan Basketball Team


Jerin Alam

Braxton Winford (11) swishes a free throw as White Station Takes down the #2 team in Canada- British Columbia Christian School. Credit: Jerin Alam

For the 2016-2017 boys’ Spartan basketball team, it is not always the final score on the board that matters most, but how they can improve as people. Coached by Jesus Patino, the boys’ basketball team can find life lessons in almost any practice.

“At the end of the day, our goal is to transform our players into better overall people,” Patino said.

Patino and the Spartans plan on at least making it to the semi-final game of the regional tournament this year.

“If you can win that game, then you get a chance to be in the sub-state game, then get a shot at going to the state tournament,” Patino said.

Having one of the biggest basketball gyms in the city, the Spartans always have room for a large crowd. From this crowd, visitors can expect to see  the student section coming up with clever and innovative cheers. From freshmen to seniors, White Station’s student section is always packed.

What often follows a strong basketball team is school competition. Facing some of the top teams in the city such as East, Cordova and Arlington, the Spartans look to make a name for themselves. Their schedule also includes a regular season game with the second best ranked boys’ basketball team in Canada: British Columbia Christian School, whom the Spartans beat by a margin of four points.

A student-athlete is an individual who has high regards for his academics, as well as his chosen sport. For Allen Hatchett (11), this is his chosen way of life. Hatchett makes it his mission to always complete his work with accuracy and on time.

“I pay attention in class, so when I go home to do work, it’s pretty much easy,” Hatchett said. “All I have to do is put what I know on paper, and that’s how I typically get an A.”

White Station’s sports program breeds many athletes and often allows and encourages them to take their talents to the next level, which would be a form of college athletics. White Station has notable alumni that play sports at colleges that range from Junior College, all the way to Division 1. The basketball program at White Station features alumni such as Joe Jackson, Chris Chiozza, Leron Black, Dillon Mitchell, Nych Smith and many more all of whom play or have played Division 1 sports.

The basketball program at White Station may have some great players, but at the end of the day, the Spartans feel that their team chemistry trumps all.

“We’re closer together than we were last year,” Hatchett said “There are no cliques or anything this year; we’re one unit.”

After seven games into the season, the Spartans have a record of six wins and one loss.