Tyler, The Creator

Parodies are a dime in a dozen these days. From music videos to political debates, it seems that poking fun of everyday life is a form of enjoyment for most. Tyler Pilkinton (12), however, found a unique way to parody and highlight something close to him: White Station.

During his sophomore year, Pilkinton was introduced to the popular Epic Rap Battles of History series. His small series, Epic Rap Battles of White Station,” started as a side project to his repertoire of previous parodies and shorts. Pilkinton first started focusing on students in the series, but teachers became the stars.

Pilkinton’s first parody of biology teacher Chikezie Madu and former Pre-Calculus teacher Tsz Ho Chan gained more attention than the creator expected.

“It got over 2,000 views in two days. Students were talking about it, teachers were talking about it, and so that started the whole process,” Pilkinton said.

From here on, Pilkinton got a wave of support from people interested in his series. So far, he has parodied teachers Chad Odle and Daniel Zich, Thomas Foster and former teacher Barry  Flippo and the choir and band departments.

There has been no shortage of suggestions for Epic Rap Battles of White Station; however, Pilkinton wants to focus on other projects as his high school career comes to an end.

He is currently parodying popular YouTube channels such as CinemaSins, Screen Junkies and  The Game Theorist. Along with parodies, Pilkinton has focused on different areas of film.

“I have multiple channels; I make animations, short films and I’m actually planning a documentary right now,” said Pilkinton.

With over 25,000 views across his four channels and a podcast called “In Other News White Station,” Pilkinton’s online popularity is steadily growing with regular uploads on his gaming and vlog channels.

To keep up with more of Pilkinton’s endeavours, visit his website, orangeriverproductions.com