Down by 7


Abby Brittain, Peyton Caccamisi, Francesca Giorgianni, and Mallory Ivey’s senior posters on their senior night.

“It was the last inning, we were down by seven and we came back and won [the game],” Peyton Caccamisi (12) said.

In the past four years the Lady Spartans have had four coaches, yet they triumphed every year winning the title of District Champions. This year seniors Francesca Giorgianni, Peyton Caccamisi, Abby Brittain and Mallory Ivey plan to lead the team to another victory.

Giorgianni, Caccamisi, Brittain, and Ivey all started playing at young ages in various stages of elementary school. They to play at Lindenwood Church during sixth grade and continued on at White Station Middle School.

This year the girls are led by Coach Alberson, who is also an Offensive Coach and Special Teams Coordinator for the football team. This is his first year as both football and softball coach at White Station, and he has made a lasting impression on the athletes.  

“Coach Alberson is like a big teddy bear. He knows a lot about softball, and I wished that I would’ve [had] Coach Alberson all four years, Caccamisi said.

During the week, the girls practice on infield and outfield drills, along with “situations”, where they practice certain predicaments that could happen in the game. They strive to practice as much as they can to be prepared as possible. Before a game, the atmosphere is relaxed and “generally cohesive” as the girls warm up and focus their minds on playing hard.

“We’re always ready, always positive and always prepared,” Caccamisi said.

Despite them playing as a team the game is also individual. The defense requires great amount of focus and discipline because one mistake could cost you the game. Giorgianni stressed the greatest thing she has learned from the sport is discipline.

“The ball could come to you at any split second and you have to be ready,” Giorgianni said.

Along with the focus and discipline, the girls enjoy the game because it serves as a stress reliever, even though sometimes it can be the main cause of their stress.

“You’re able to just take all the stress from work or school or anything, cancel out the outside world and just play softball,” Ivey said.

With Caccamisi as pitcher, Giorgianni as third baseman, Ivey as shortstop and Brittain as catcher, the girls make up the majority of the infield defense, and the pressure is definitely on them to perform at their highest level. Most of the girls find the pressure the highest at bat, though through the years the tension has lessened. One can feel the weight of having to perform with a crowd watching.

“At bat it’s you, … Everybody’s watching you,” Giorgianni said.

In the end, the pressure creates the tension and builds suspension when playing. Watching the game leads to some very rewarding moments in the end.

“If there wasn’t any pressure I wouldn’t perform,” Brittain said.

Overall, the girls have had memorable seasons in the past three years ranging from beating their long time rival St. Agnes to winning their District Championship three times in a row. The girls are hoping for an equally successful season this year as well.