Revival of 90’s Fashion



Fashion trends from the 90’s are prominent in modern music videos, magazines and fashion runways.

The decade’s fashion was defined by fluorescent colors, power dressing and the underground grunge scene. Trends and styles expressed a range of cultures and people during the 90’s.

Current stars such as Charli XCX and Melanie Martinez strut 90’s style garments on red carpets and in photoshoots. Charli XCX’s style has led her to collaborate with fashion designers focusing on her personal style.

Today, average people sport colorful windbreakers, crop tops, overalls, and “mom” jeans. Social media and stores like Urban Outfitters embrace these recycled trends. Second hand shops like City Thrift, Plato’s Closet and Goodwill are a more affordable way to embrace the 90’s fashion return.

Fashion plays a role in self identity and reflection.  Recreation of 90’s fashion create feelings of nostalgia among this generation. Movies such as Clueless, 10 Things I Hate About You and She’s All That have once again become popular as people reminisce about their childhood.

These trends are leading people to find their favorite styles and experiment with their wardrobes. Amanda Chiles (12) thinks fashion plays a part in self discovery, and it takes trial and error to find a style that fits.

“Others just haven’t found the right ‘jacket’ yet,” Chiles said.

Chiles does not think another person’s opinion should play a role in what she decides to wear. The pop culture and fashion of the 90s has always been apart of her because she is continually gathering clothes from  her older sister.

While the 90’s may have come to an end, its legacy lives on through today’s fashion.