The Return of Homecoming


Within a decade presidents leave office, wars begin and end and in the case of White Station High School, homecoming dances are all but forgotten. That all changed when a group of students spearheaded by Sophia Tashie (12) and Emilee Hudsmith (12) sought to bring the tradition back.

“We have always been the one school who doesn’t have [a homecoming dance], and we wanted to have the experience before we graduated,” said Tashie.

Tashie and Hudsmith, along with their parents, organized White Station’s first homecoming dance in many years.

Aside from the JROTC Military Ball and Prom, White Station’s formal events are few and far between. Students commonly attend only one school dance throughout their four years.

“I wasn’t expecting much…I thought [the administration] would make it extremely strict and lame,” said Lilit Petrosyan (12).

However, the homecoming dance exceeded these low expectations.

“Instead it turned out really fun and the administration wasn’t all up in our noses,” Petrosyan added.

The dance was successful in raising $6,400, before expenses, through the sell of 320 tickets. Proceeds from ticket sales were donated to both the football team’s locker room renovation project and to the Athletic Booster Club.

Though the dance went smoothly for the most part, there were some minor student drinking problems. Multiple students in attendance were found to be intoxicated resulting in disciplinary action from the administration. Despite the issues with alcohol, students did not think it detracted from the experience.

“I don’t think it was a major issue, the students were fine and no one was hurt…everyone was having fun, but students have to be aware of the consequences,” an anonymous student said.

“With underage drinking [the law] becomes involved, because it’s not just school rules that are being broken… I was out of town so I didn’t go,[but] I heard it was really nice and decorated nicely,” Assistant Principal Wilson said.

Despite this incident, students were appreciative of Tashie and Hudsmith’s efforts.

“I really liked how the gym was decorated. Being able to dance with my friends until my feet hurt made a Saturday night worth spending,” said Bella Milton (11).

Only time will tell if the homecoming tradition is here to stay.