Taylor Swift


2014 has been a memorable year for Taylor Swift: from releasing a new album and emancipating herself from her country roots and starring in a hit movie, to more controversially renouncing music streaming, and pulling her music from Spotify.

Swift’s new album “1989” has been exceptionally well received. Selling more than 1.287 million copies in the first week, it represents Swifts most successful album to date. While Swift’s early music career was considered country, her more recent albums have demonstrated a shift in genre. “1989” officially demarcates Swift’s first album as a pop rather than a country artist. Hits from the album include “Shake it off” and “Blank Space” among other dance floor worthy songs.

In addition to her musical metamorphosis, Swift has successfully broken into the film industry, with her portrayal of tragic character, Rosemary, in the film rendition of the dystopian novel “The Giver.” Although Swift’s entrance to Hollywood has been criticized by movie and music critics alike, the movie has reaped box office success, grossing 66.9 million to date.

More controversially, Swift has publicly repudiated the music streaming site Spotify and pulled her music from its service. According to Swift, Spotify devalues her work and unfairly compensates writers, producers and artists. Nonetheless, Swift’s position on music streaming has generated backlash. Despite her claims of under compensation, Swift has reportedly made $2 million from the site over the past 2 years. Founders of Spotify also highlight that the site was created, in part, to protect artists from piracy.

Regardless of the controversy surrounding Spotify, her position as the queen of teens has only strengthened over the past year.

Reflecting on Swift’s unshakable popularity, “ I think she kind of just fits into the mold that tends have created. She dresses like we do, she acts like we do, but she is somebody we can aspire to be,” Lana Singer (11) said.